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Instant Food For Your Instant Indian Food Cravings

We all experience spontaneous desires for handmade Indian food whether we are at home or away from it, but because of our lack of energy, we typically ignore those cravings, but no more.

Insta food has come up with ‘Easy to cook’ Indian packets which include authentic Indian flavors that make you remember  ‘Ma ke hath ka khana’.

With our Instant food packets, cooking has become easier than ever with a delightful taste. It’s no matter whether you are a pro or a beginner, Insta food has instant packets for all of you.

For all of your wants, from breakfast to dessert, Insta food includes more than 25+ Indian cuisine recipes. Let’s look at some tasty Indian dishes and sweets of Insta food that can satisfy your instant cravings.


Poha is an everyday breakfast meal not only well-known in India, but also in other various countries. With many health benefits and simple taste, indeed Poha is one of the perfect breakfasts. Insta food has instant Poha packets that serve 2 people in just a few minutes.

Dal Bhaat

With Insta food Instant Dal Bhat packet, you can make homemade Dal Bhat in just 10-15 minutes with the least amount of time and effort. Remember ‘Ghar Jaisa khana’ after eating this nutritional food filled with quality rice, healthy arhar dal, refined sunflower oil, jaggery, vegetables, whole spices, and curry leaves.

Moong Sabji

A simple yet tasty moong sabji in just a few minutes is the right decision. Insta food has moong sabji packets that are full of energy and mouth-watering taste. of moong, refined sunflower oil, gram flour, rice flour, powdered spices, cumin, dried vegetables, and curry leaves.

Dal Dhokli

Make your all-time favorite Dal Dhokli within 10 mins from Insta food tasty food packets. Insta Food packets consist of all the essential ingredients such as wheat flour, arhar dal, jaggery, gram flour, rice flour, sugar, salt, peanut, spices, vegetables, and curry powder to make your Dal Dhokli tasty and hassle-free.

Surti Kadhi

Don’t spend hours making Surti Kadhi when you can have homemade Surti Kadhi with better taste. Taste the traditional kadhi of Gujarat that your mouth can’t resist in just 10 mins with insta food magical packets.

Mohan Thal

Insta food brings to you the most delightful Mohan thal that tastes absolutely divine within just a few minutes which contains gram dal flour, ghee, sugar, nuts, and card p-2amom.

Give yourself a little bit of rest with Insta food ready-to-cook packets made with the right ingredients and love.

Insta food is a healthy Indian food Company providing solutions to your problem with affordable and delicious alternatives.

Benefits Of Insta Food Packets

  • No Artificial Flavours & Colors
  • Hassle-Free Cooking
  • No Preservatives
  • Ready In Just 10-15 Mins
  • Alternative to Frozen Food
  • Taste Just Like Homemade Food

Order your ready-to-cook food packets with a variety of Indian dishes from Insta food for a fulfilling and full tummy.