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One of my favourites from Insta food is their Poha, for sure. Very tasty and easy to make. My go-to meal on most days. Must try

Dal Bhat

At home, we make a full meal. There isnt time to make everything after work. I completely rely on Dal Bhat from instafood for a quick fix meal. We eat it almost everyday!


Wow! I am in love with Insta Food’s Pulav! So tasty and healthy. I love that I can make a delicious home style dish in just 15 mins.

Surti Kadhi

My top favourite is their Surti kadhi. I tried making it at home and it turned out amazing. My husband didnt even realise that I didnt prepare it. Insta food packets are magical

Kadhi Bhat

As a student living away from home, I constantly crave home food. Insta food Kadhi bhat comes as a saviour as its a staple meal for me and I dont have to miss out on comfort and flavor anymore. Easy to cook feature makes it a frequent meal for me.

Dal Dhokli

I had bought Insta foods Dal Dhokli packets on a whim. I used them recently when i had a few unexpected guests over. Everyone really enjoyed a meal that took me 15 mins to make. I am looking forward to trying their other products!!

Val Sabji

Val Sabji is so flavourful. It has that proper gujarati dish taste which i wanted! Very happy with how it turned out.

Moong Sabji

I packed the Moong sabzi for my kids’ lunch this week. They have requested that i send it again tomorrow. A big blessing for working moms. Highly recommend.

Kaju Curry Sabji

I just love it. It tasted just like restaurants style Kaju Curry. Super creamy and delicious and the best part is it was ready in just 15 minutes