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Welcome To InstaFood !

The adage "necessity is the mother of invention" is used frequently, and various innovations have proven this true. A prime example of the same is "Instafood," an easy-to-cook brand offering Over 25 types of real Gujarati cuisine and expects to grow further in the coming years.

INSTAFOOD is an easy-to-cook brand that was established to ensure that everyone can have access to wholesome and delectable home-like food anytime, anywhere. With a wide range of authentic Indian dishes, INSTAFOOD is a healthier alternative to every meal of your day.

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Why Choose Us

Instafood maintains that health comes first and upholds the highest level of transparency. Our approach of using the Natural Dried method of food preservation, as opposed to the freeze-drying method, is what supports our vision because it ensures that the food is nutritious and is entirely devoid of preservatives and artificial colors.


Easy to Cook


Preservative Free


Extensive Testing


Wide Range

How to Cook

In a few simple steps, make your favorite meal.


More Details

Don’t Trust our word for it. Here’s What our crew has to say.


Every Meal Covered

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner we have it all. Oh, and desserts too


Jain Offerings

Given that we are aware of how important it is to have access to Jain cuisine, we provide a number of options.


Use in Batches

Our ziplock bags enable you to preserve and reuse the mix without transferring it to another container.

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With the rising trend of relocating to new cities and traveling, Instafood is revolutionizing how people view ready-to-eat meals. Our products are bringing a market revolution. Come be a part of our journey!

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What People Say

Don’t Trust our word for it. Here’s What our crew has to say