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Oh no! Busting myths about Indian’s go-to breakfast ‘Poha’

Indian food is famous for its wide variety of breakfast meals, But do you know which breakfast rules over the whole breakfast menu? Well, it is none other than everybody’s go-to choice, Poha!

Poha is everybody’s all-time favorite breakfast of the whole of India. This delicious poha is closely attached to Indian cuisine, and culture and is the most famous dish in India and is eaten in almost every city.

With many varieties of breakfast choices also come tons of myths too, So here we are with the blog that clears out the myth around ‘Poha’. Read this blog to learn about in detail everybody’s favorite breakfast ‘poha’ and about myths floating around it.

Myth No.1: Poha Can Make You Fat

This is one of the popular myths roaming around the word ‘ poha’. Some people believe that poha is one of the main components for gaining body weight, while on the other hand poha is actually a part of a weight loss diet. Poha is loaded with fiber, and nutrients and has low-carb, which makes it an essential food for breakfast. Eating Poha once will keep your tummy full for a few hours, leading to fewer cravings, directly targeting weight loss.

Myth No.2: Poha Is Just A Breakfast Dish

Few people still believe that poha is just for breakfast, while poha can be eaten as a morning breakfast or evening snack, but it is not suggested to eat poha at night. The reason behind this theory, poha is a fiber-rich food that makes it hard to digest and is not suggested to eat at night.  Delicious dishes like poha can be eaten at any time of day without any worry.

Myth No.3: Poha Is an Overrated Version Of Rice

This myth is one the most told, ‘poha is an overrated version of rice ’. Well not overrated, but poha is the more healthier & tasty in comparison to rice. Poha is one of the most loved breakfasts in different cities in India. Poha combined with Indian spices & right vegetables can be one the best dishes one can ever have.

Myth No.4: White Poha Is Better than Brown Poha

Since ages, white poha is consumed in India as the go-to breakfast, but in fact, brown poha is a healthy alternative to white poha. Including brown poha in your diet will surely increase fiber & iron amount in your body.Managing a work-life balance is truly hard and with many tiring days in everyday life, cooking food can seem like a lot of burden. So, Instafood has come up with easy-to-cook & hassle-free cooking alternative food. Taste ‘Ghar Jaisa Khana’ in just a few minutes with an Instafood instant packet with no preservatives & impeccable taste.

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