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10 Instant Food Hacks to Satisfy Your Cravings in Minutes!

10 Instant Food Hacks to Satisfy Your Cravings in Minutes!


Midnight cravings can drive you mad! It is one of the worst feelings to not find anything to eat during quick snack cravings. One needs to have a ready solution to beat the blues and fill their tummy with delicious food to pacify the “hangry” state of mind! What could be a better choice than instant food preps and packages? But for that, you must know which ones to purchase and how to prepare the dishes! Here are some of the top options to help you satisfy the sudden snack cravings at any time of the day! Whether you have a flight to catch or need to take a nap, the sudden cravings for a quick snack are now easy to manage! Know the tips and hacks to prepare the best food in minutes!


Poha – The ultimate choice for instant craving


Poha or, flattened rice, is the undisputed ruler for snacks and sudden cravings! It is an Indian snack and tastes yummy! One cannot say no to a steaming plate of poha at any time of the day. Especially for sudden hunger sessions, the ready-to-cook poha packages bring the best choice. Add boiling water, and that is it! There is nothing more to add to the ready-to-eat meal. Sounds easy, right? Indeed, it is.


RavaShira – The easiest of all!


Ravashira is one item you can eat at any time, and it would certainly bring a satisfactory smile to your face! It balances the sweetness quotient in a meal and often acts as the perfect snack while you are craving it badly! Just water and cook for a few minutes before serving the Ravashira piping hot on the plate!


Gujarati dal – The much-needed protein dose


With the hectic work schedule, it is vital to find a quick snack for enriching your body with the much-needed protein dosage! What better than the Gujarati dal? All you need is a packet of the instant and ready-to-cook package of Gujarati dal. Add water and cook for fifteen minutes to prepare a healthy meal without any fuss. It is an excellent hack for working parents to help their child get a proper nutritious meal during hunger cravings.


Moong sabzi – To revitalize your body!


If you are on a diet, but the hunger craving bothers you, the moong sabzi could be the ultimate choice. It brings the perfect dose of protein and veggies to the body. You only need to add the correct amount of water and cook for a few minutes. It tastes amazing when you are craving something yummy and healthy. It could also be the perfect lunch or dinner item for those who want to avoid the hassles of cooking.


Dal Bhat – The comfort food


After a tiring day at the office, your heart wants comfort food! There could be no better choice than dal bhat. It is the best instant and ready-to-cook meal for those dwelling far from home. You only need to add some water and follow the instructions for stirring the meal. It does not take much time and brings an instant solution!


Mohan thal – Mid-night sweet cravings


Something sweet always delights the mood! Mohan thal could be the perfect midnight snack your soul needs! It has an apt level of sweetness and makes your mood happy. You need some milk for this instant recipe, and that is it! Get the perfect taste of sweetness and dry fruits with the instant moong thal snack.


Upma – For an instant breakfast choice


Breakfasts are vital for keeping your mind and body fresh. Upma is a popular choice, and the instant breakfast meal makes it even better! The south Indian delicacy does not need fancy cooking ingredients. The ready-to-cook upma package does not need any spice or ingredient other than water. It takes a few minutes for preparation and soothes the taste buds immediately!


Pulav – A quick lunch between meetings


A quick lunch break of thirty minutes does not offer sufficient time for preparing heavy meals. But you can now enjoy a plate of pulav with the easy-to-cook instructions. You only need to add water and not anything more! It is tasty and saves time, making it the perfect hack for a quick meal.


Quick recipes with minimal ingredients – A time-saving hack!


Among the many hacks to cooking fast, knowing the best meals to try is a critical one. Make a note of the top options having minimal ingredient requirements to ensure an instant solution for your cravings. Always go for recipes that need no more than boiling water or milk. Why? Because it saves you time.

One last hack – Eat while it is hot!


Instant meals taste the best when they are hot. Do not prepare them and store them in the refrigerator. It hardly takes ten or fifteen minutes to cook the meals like poha, upma, etc. Just remember to keep the kitchen stock ready and avoid searching for food options while trying to soothe your hunger spree!