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Benefits Of Including Indian Food In Your Diet 

Benefits Of Including Indian Food In Your Diet 


Ancient Indian food’s roots go back over 5000 years ago. Each different region in India has their own cuisine based on cultures, values & religions. Proudly India celebrates the diversity in people as well as in food. Significantly, Indian food is known for a variety of flavours, spices & dishes. Indian dishes go from simple & plain dishes to exotic multi-layered Mughal time dishes. 


Traditionally, Indian food is divided into 3 main types. 


  1. Satvika – Satvika food is essentially a vegetarian type of food, including vegetables, fruits, milk, and honey. A simple satvika diet regimen is excellent for improving gut health & mental health.
  2. Tamasika  – Any type of food that is kept overnight or is grown under the tree falls in the tamasika food category. Tamasika food includes onion, garlic, meat, fish, overripe or underripe vegetables & fruits.
  3. Rajasika – This type of Indian food includes a variety of dishes & is a type of food that gives enough energy to carry out day-to-day activities. It includes sour apples, pickles, refined sugars, red meat, red lentils, chickpeas and many more. 


The benefits of Indian food have always been a hot and cold topic, some people say it’s too spicy, some people say it’s unhealthy, and some will say it’s nutrition-less, but Indian food is delicious & healthy, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Well, We have answers to all your doubts that will surely let you burst out of all the myths and truly show you what benefits Indian food has to offer.


4 Amazing Benefits Of Indian Food


  1. Magical Medicinal Properties In Indian Spices

Every Indian Kitchen is incomplete without a variety of Indian spices in it, not only it enhances the flavour of food dishes but also numerous studies all around the world have shown that a few Indian spices are powerful ingredients to solve several severe diseases and work as an immunity-boosting agent. Not all Indian spices work as a ‘magical ingredient’ to cure disease, but some like turmeric, cinnamon, asafoetida, cumin seeds and ginger have proven to be quite resourceful during treatments. 


Turmeric – Turmeric or Haldi, steals the top-notch position in the Indian healthy spices list. Turmeric contains curcumin, a complex potent which is pretty useful to treat inflammatory symptoms, used as an agent to boost brain function, and worked at times of wound management and toothache. 


Ginger – The king of ‘healing & health’, whether you want to reduce your nausea problem or need a lower blood sugar level, ginger is your solution.  


   2.Nutrient-Full Dishes

If you are in search of tasty food filled with nutrients, Indian food is your go-to food. Traditional authentic Indian food, if made correctly can be a source of a bag of nutrients with every bite. All the Indian dishes are made from scratch, which makes it no option for preservative mixing and the perfect sit in healthy diet option. With a little change in cooking style and ingredients, every cuisine can be made in a healthy world. 

3.Offers A Variety Of Food Options

Well, this is surely a universal fact, Indian food has no shortage of varieties. Indian cuisine is home to more than 75+ dishes. In the different stages of life, humans require different types of food to ensure a healthy lifestyle. From children to elderly people, India has some special cuisine to offer.  Whether it’s grain or oil, or any other category, Indian cuisine has multiple ways to make its renowned dishes, enough that they can be made differently every time. 

4.Helpful In The Betterment Of Physical & Mental Health

Since the beginning, food has played a vital role in the balance of physical & mental health. Recently British journal of nutrition institute took a survey where 428 healthy adults regularly consumed fresh fruits & vegetables and the outcome led to a lower depression rate and better physical health. Healthy food is key to making your functionality better and gives enough nourishment to fulfil daily activities. Green leafy vegetables, fruits & nuts are essential key foods for the betterment of mental & physical health and as India is known for versatility, offers all of them in dishes. 


After reading about the benefits, are you craving Indian delicacies too? Be sure to check out Instafood’s wide variety of Indian ready-to-cook packets.