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Make Your Winter Sweeter With Instafood Sweet Dishes

In this fast-growing world, finding consistency is difficult. Whether we are talking about our careers or our health, In one way or another we all are trying to improve things little by little. 


While balancing out all the things, all together, we often forget about the utmost important things, our health & loved ones. We all miss our little moments with our family & mostly ‘maa ke hath ka khana’.


In hurry, we forgot that junk food has many disadvantages along with its time-saving benefit, but who would have known that in this fast-growing world you can also attain a healthy diet, fulfilling flavors & alternative to time-consuming food, in just one instant packet.


Well, yes. You heard it right. Instafood is a well-known company known for its ready-to-cook instant packet indulged with authentic Indian flavors that remind you of ‘Ghar jaisa khana’ in just 10-15 minutes. 


Are you craving a homemade vegetable Upma? 

Don’t worry, Instafood got you covered. 

When mom said ‘eat your veggies,’ she meant ‘eat your Upma’. From south India to Maharastra & Gujarat, Upma has traveled all over the world. When in the mood for a tasty & healthy Indian breakfast, make some Upma. Traditionally, Upma is made of suji & vegetables, there is nothing quite like hot Upma for breakfast.


Cutting Vegetables & making Upma from scratch seems like a lot of loads for you? Get yourself Instafood’s ready-to-cook packet right away. Instafood’s Upma contains all the fresh vegetables to elevate your flavors. 


Want to fulfill your tummy with some Indian curry? 

Try out Instafood’s Kaju curry instant packet.


Need to make food unforgettable after the first bite? Kaju curry can do that for you. Kaju curry is a delicious, flavourful, and healthy lunch & dinner choice with lots of Vitamin k & magnesium. 

This dish is a perfect choice for everyone who wants to eat not something spicy and more creamy, with a balance of Indian spices & creamy flavors. 


Preparing Kaju curry can be much alike something technical, one single thing missing, and the ‘best chef award dream’ is over, but Instafood got you. Within 10-15 minutes Kaju curry will be ready to eat with all the best Indian spices & flavors. 


Looking for something simple yet fulfilling? 

 Dal Bhat is the right choice.

Dal bhat – Sometimes called comfort food, is India’s one of most popular and loved food.  If you’re wondering for something simple, soul-satisfying food & that can remind you of home, dal bhat will not disappoint you surely. Dal is the staple food of almost every person in India, eaten with onion and some other sabjis to enhance the overall flavor. 


Hungry especially for a desi Indian sweet dish? 

Moong dal halwa, it is!

Pride of Rajasthan, moong dal halwa is made from ghee, moong lentils & nuts. Moong dal halwa is loved by everyone from Punjabi’s to Marvadis.  When a desi ghee sweet dish is in your mind, moong dal is the perfect fit. Nothing is more flavourful & fulfilling than a perfectly roasted moong dal halwa. 


Making perfectly roasted moong dal halwa is just like trying to crack a tough exam, but with Instafood it just takes 10 minutes. Instafood’s Moong dal is filled with authentic desi ghee & nuts for you to give butterflies after eating it.  


Don’t know what are you craving right at the moment? 

No worries, Just order our combo, no chance to miss any tasty breakfast, main course, or sweet dish.


Get your stress-free homemade meal in just a quick 10-15 minutes with Instafood now! We promise you no disappointment, just good life with good food.