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Try These 5 Indian Dishes For A Wonderful Food Experience

India – A world full of good food & foodie people. When you’re looking for marvellous, mouth-watering & flavorful full dishes, Indian food is a perfect choice. Indian people never fail at one thing, ‘The art of making good food.’ Indian food is an ideal cuisine for anyone who loves spices, enjoys good flavour & likes to try new dishes.


For some people trying out, different cuisine is a hobby and keeping that hobby in mind, Indians have curated a diverse cuisine of their own, simply breaking it down into northern and Southern types. From American to European culture, Indian cuisine ruled all over the world. 


Confused about which mouth-watering Indian food dishes to try? We have prepared a list of must-try Indian food to try & complement afterwards. Discover everything about these major heart-throb Indian dishes in this blog.  


When In India, Poha must be your go-to breakfast. Originating from Maharashtra, ‘Kanda batata poha’ is one of the famous & loved Indian breakfast food. If you want to try something simple yet interesting, poha is a perfect fit. This Indian breakfast is made of rice, mixed and cooked with onions, peanuts, and a few Indian spices in it. Poha is a perfect balance of simplicity & Indian spices.

  1. Kadhi And Rice 

Kadhi & rice – One of the most loved & famous Indian dishes, originating from Gujarat. Gujarati kadhi is yogurt-based thick food, made with gram flour, yogurt, and the most vital Gujarati tadka (a combination of Indian herbs and spices) and is served with plain jeera rice to enhance the flavour. With this tangy & a bit of sweetness, you will surely fulfill your Gujarati food cravings. 

 3. Rajma

Brought from Portuguese to Punjab, Rajma gravy is tomatoes based with a variety of Indian spices mixed such as ginger, garlic, red chillies & etc. Craving a bit of spicy and non-creamy Indian gravy? Rajma is a  perfect choice. Rajma + Chawal = match made in heaven. Steamed and spiced all the way up with Indian spices is the signature mark of rajma chawal.  

4.Kaju Curry 

If you’re looking for a creamy Indian dish, alternate to veg chicken curry, that gives you a warm hug after just sensing it, then Kaju curry it is. It is a mild curry with a lot of creamy texture and Kaju. Doesn’t matter if it origins from northern India, it goes all the way down to the south and the whole world.

  1. Moong Dal Halwa

Indian cuisine is empty without a variety of sweet dishes. In India, there are more than 70 + sweet dishes from different-different regions. For delightful sweet Indian dishes, moong dal is your way to go. Moong dal halwa is made of moong lentils, sugar, lots of nuts, and ghee. It is a perfect sweet for anyone who looking for breaking into the Indian sweet dishes collection. Bless your taste buds with this breathtaking moong dal halwa. 


In this fast-growing techno world, making Indian food from scratch requires a lot of patience, Indian spices knowledge, and more importantly, great techniques & time. Well, not all of us have that ‘ Maa ke hath ka jadu’ in our hands or a tremendous amount of time in our hands. 


So, we have come up with a solution that solves both these problems with a quick tap and gives you a great Indian food experience. Instafood is a ready-to-cook instant Indian food packet, that gives you ‘maa ke hath wala’ feels and also ready-to-eat Indian food within just 10 minutes. 


Explore Instafood’s Indian food variety options for a great Indian food experience now!