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Fulfill Your Sweet Cravings With Our Easy-To-Cook Sweet Dishes

India is a treasure of traditions, culture & most importantly sweet dishes. From small towns to big cities, every Indian express their love & celebrates festivals through Mithais or sweet dishes. 


In India, sweet dishes are adored more than anything, well why shouldn’t they? 

Smooth texture, great aroma, and delicious flavors can melt anybody’s heart. The only adjectives use to describe sweet dishes are mouthwatering, satisfying & delicious. In short, sweets are a perfect way to make everybody’s tummy & heart happy. 


If a sweet tooth is always on your mind, then surely this blog is just right for you. In this blog, we are listing some easy sweet dishes that you can make within 10 minutes at home with Instafood’s Instant food packets. 

1.Rava Shira

Indian cuisine offers a variety of Shiras or sweet puddings, and Rava Shira is just one of them. Rava Shira is a classic Indian sweet dish, made with milk on special occasions. Indians and their love for Halwas are a never-ending story. You give them the right amount of ghee, nuts, and some other ingredients, and every other type of Shira is ready.


Needful Ingredients 

  • Instafood’s Rava Shira Packet 
  • A Clean Pan 
  • A Big Empty Bowl & Spoon
  • 2 Cups Of Water 


Recipe For a 5-10 Min Tasty & Milky Rava Shira


  1. Take a clean pan, add 2 cups of water & pour Instafood’s Rava Shira mixture into it. 
  2. Keep the heat on a low-medium flame for 3 minutes. Remember, Stir your mixture continuously while making. 
  3. Keep the mixture on heat for around 2-3 more minutes. Empty the hot Rava Shira into a clean bowl.
  4. Woohoo! Cheers, Now your tasty Rava Shira is ready to eat. 

2. Moong Dal Ka Halwa

In the winter season, Moong Dal Ka Halwa works like magic to keep your sweet tooth blessed & your body warm. As the name & image suggests, It is a rich combination of moong lentils, ghee, milk, sugar, and nuts. If you’re looking for a desi Indian sweet dish that never disappoints, moong dal ka halwa is always the right choice. 


Needful Ingredients 

  • Instafood’s Moong Dal Ka Halwa Instant Packet 
  • 1 big bowl & spoon 
  • A Clean pan
  • 2 Cups of Water


Recipe For A Quick & Easy Moong Dal Halwa At Home With Instafood 


  1. Who knew Moong Dal Halwa to be this easy? Take a plain pan & add 2 cups of water to it. 
  2. Take your Instafood easy-to-cook Moong Dal Halwa packet and pour all the content into the boiling water. 
  3. With the help of spatula, cook Moong Dal ka Halwa for few minutes and keep stirring it. 
  4. To elevate your flavour, almond, cashew and raisins are already packed in it. 
  5. Now, your favourite Moong Dal Halwa is ready to eat. 


Reminder – If you haven’t tried Moong Dal ka Halwa, this is your reminder to taste Instafood’s rava Shira. 

  1. Mohan Thal 

Whether you’re craving an Indian sweet tooth, greeting your guests, or just want to eat your mandatory sweet after a meal, Mohan Thal is your ultimate savior. This traditional Indian dish originated from Rajasthan and Gujarat in two different types, both having a delicious significance of their own.


Needful Ingredients 

  • Instafood Mohan Thal Packet 
  • 1 big bowl & spoon 
  • A clean pan 
  • 2 cups of water 


How To Make Mohan Thal 

  1. Firstly, Take a clean pan, turn on the flame and add 2 cups of water to the pan. 
  2. After a minute, Add Instafood’s Mohan Thal packet and keep stirring it for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Turn off the flame and now your Mohan Thal is ready to be served.  


If you’re looking for a place full of easy Indian food & sweet dishes, then your search worries end now. Instafood is our world full of easy-to-cook & Ghar jaisa ghana, combining them in delicious instant food packets.